• MA in Literary Translation (with Distinction), University of Exeter

• BA (Hons) in Hispanic Studies and Linguistics, Queen Mary University of London


• John Dryden Translation Competition prizes in 2011, 2015 and 2017


• Member of the Society of Authors Translators Association

Simon Bruni is a prolific translator of fiction and non-fiction from Spanish, a language he acquired through ‘total immersion’ living in Alicante, Valencia and Santander. He studied Spanish and Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London, and Literary Translation at the University of Exeter.

His literary translations include novels, short stories and videogames, while his non-fiction portfolio spans fields as diverse as journalism, social geography, early modern witchcraft, food security and military history.

He has received three John Dryden awards: in 2017 for his translation of Paul Pen’s short story ‘Cinnamon’, in 2015 for another short Pen tale ‘The Porcelain Boy’, and in 2011 for Francisco Pérez Gandul’s slang-driven novel Cell 211. His translation of Paul Pen’s novel The Light of the Fireflies has sold over a hundred thousand copies worldwide.

Simon is a member of the Society of Authors’ Translators Association (TA).

Contact me on to discuss your Spanish-English translation project. You can also find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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